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for scrappies,
by scrappies

Connect with trustworthy trading partners and simplify your end-to-end trading experience.

Scrappy in a yard with a Buddy profile frame showing they are a "Top rated seller" with a 4.9 star rating.

The best relationships
start with Buddy

The best relationships
start with Buddy

With Buddy you don’t deal with a nameless, faceless counterparty. Every profile is connected to a real person and company, verified in person by the Buddy team. Know who you’re dealing with and build relationships that last.

Why Buddy


Comprehensive counterparty vetting

We hop on a plane to visit each and every Buddy-verified user so that you don’t have to. We video-document our vetting process so that you get the full picture when deciding who to trade with. Go direct, with confidence.

Buddy trade app displaying a "Meet the seller" user interface


In-app trading and negotiation

Lightning-fast listings are created and only served to the best buyers. Offers are made in a few clicks, and terms can be negotiated directly. Buddy works to bring the best deals together, but all contracts are between counterparties.

Buddy trade app showing a sellers scrap metal listing. The seller is highlighted as verified with a carousel of positive reviews.


Freight rates at your fingertips

Want to get freight rates on demand? With Buddy you can view and book freight rates at the time of trade. No more calling around, emailing or logging in to various platforms to get a rate.

Buddy trade app UI displaying on demand freight rates


Post-trade admin at the click of a button

When you trade on Buddy, it automatically generates your contracts, invoices and shipping docs. Take and upload container packing photos and securely share with your counterparty. Chat in app and say goodbye to endless emails.

For scrappies,
by scrappies

For scrappies, by scrappies

With over 30 years in the metal recycling industry, we’ve experienced the same challenges as you when it comes to trading. That’s why we’ve built the tools to help you find tried-and-trusted counterparties, and take the effort out of getting the best deal.

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