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How it works


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Tap the app

Pick the grade you’re selling, and the shipping and payment terms you’re after. Upload some pics and get on with your day.


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Watch the offers come in. See something you like? Check out the buyer’s fully-vetted profile and choose who you want to deal with.


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Compare freight rates, and make your best trade. Sit back while Buddy automates all of your post-trade admin.

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What you get

Lightning-fast listings

Create a listing in under a minute to get direct offers from top-quality buyers.

All your conversations in one place

Keep all of your trade-related comms in one organised place. No more searching through WhatsApps and emails.

Freight rates on demand

Get access to instant freight rates to calculate your net-back price to compare offers.

Notifications via WhatsApp

Get notified of any activity on WhatsApp so you don’t miss a beat.

Automated admin

Take back your time by generating contracts, invoices and shipping docs with the click of a button.

Data at your fingertips

View dashboards, pull reports and get key insights. Make better decisions based on trading data.

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